Employee Testing & Medicals

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Your employees are your greatest assets, and Freeport Medical Clinic offers a range of services for pre- employment testing and medicals. Employment Testing and Medicals gives a potential employee and their new employer the opportunity to ensure that the employee’s health and fitness meet the demands and of the job. These services can also be customized by the requesting organization if they envisage that additional tests are required for their working environment.

Employment medicals can be:

  • Annual preventive health medical examinations
  • Regular drug screening
  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Spot check testing

For large groups, we are able to perform field-testing when arranged in advance. Quality assurance and confidentiality are paramount throughout the testing procedure. Our pre-employment screening includes arranging for the applicant to visit Southern Medical Clinic for a formal medical assessment. We provide appointments to ensure the assessment is carried out with the least possible inconvenience.

Please contact our Customer Service department for more information on employment testing.