Well Trained Professionals

Freeport Medical Centre professionals are committed to providing excellent care today, which leads to healthier tomorrows.

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We support a patient-friendly approach to health care. This means that health promotion is a main aspect of this approach.

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Advanced Technology

Freeport Medical Centre boasts of having the largest Dialysis unit in Trinidad and Tobago with over 22 machines…

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Welcome To Freeport Medical Centre

The Freeport Medical Centre was established in April 2007 with the founder Dr. Rohit Dass dream of providing a comprehensive, complete and technologically savvy medical institution in the central part of Trinidad and Tobago The profession of medicine is growing at an enormously rapid pace in which diagnostic including blood test, X-rays, ultrasounds, endoscopies, CT scanning and now MRI scanning is utilized much more by medical professionals to diagnose and treat patients.

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Phone : +1 868 673 1069

Fax : +1 868 673 0492

Email : freeportmedical@rdgrouptt.com

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Family Practice

Our physicians, office manager and medical office assistants work together to provide full service primary health care to our family practice patients.

Functional Medicine

Our physicians provide total care for the patient, taking into account the physical, emotional, mental, societal and environmental factors.

Walk-In Clinic

The walk in clinic provides state-of-the-art medical services in an environment that is caring and professional.

What We Are About

We will always keep in mind our Motto “Taking Patient care to the next level”.

Today's Tip from Dr. R Dass

How to live a healthy lifestyle?

Want to live a healthy lifestyle and leave your couch potato days behind? All you have to do is follow a few simple steps that will significantly improve your health.

  • Choose Healthy Foods
  • Get Some Exercise
  • Avoid Unhealthy Habits
  • Remember Good Hygiene

Always discuss big changes to your diet and exercise routines with a doctor before you get started.

Have a healthy life!